5 Teen Books to Promote Positive Thinking

It is no cakewalk to be a teenager in the 21st century! Academic and peer pressure can take a toll on teens’ mental health. People expect young adults and teens to become independent and start making important life decisions suddenly. This prospect can be a daunting one.

A little aid is needed for teens to get through their challenging lives, and it can be in the form of books! Getting associated with different kinds of books allows them to submerge in the books’ characters and provides the much-needed hope to get through life and promote positive thinking.

positive thinking

Ten things I can see from here by Carrie Mac

The book’s main character Maeve experiences life’s hurdles, devoting themselves to overthinking and curating worst-case scenarios in her headspace. The book is typical for all teens dealing with anxiety and anxious thoughts. It is also intertwined with a heartwarming love story which allows her to get over the anxious beliefs that she has grown in her head. It is an excellent book for teens dealing with a similar situation and will help them find some relatability.

Crying Laughing by Lance Rubin

This book does justice to its title by centering on the main character Winnie, who deals with illness and teen drama simultaneously. It is a bewildering journey for her to take, being a daughter to a comedian father. Winnie’s emotions are depicted beautifully in the book, touching the teens’ hearts.

I have Lost my Way by Gayle Forman.

There are three different characters in this book that share similar backstories. All three characters deal with their own problems, joy, and trauma. However, when they are together, they forget everything and find solace in each other’s companionship. It is a great way to showcase to teens friendships and how the right friends can help you get through any situation in life. While helping each other, they also help themselves deal with their complex problems in life.

Anxiety Relief for teens by Regine Galanti

It is an informative book written by clinical psychologist Dr. Regine Galanti who has spent all her professional experience and life treating teens suffering from anxiety. She has also mastered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and solutions to different problems in life. In this book, Galanti mentions simple techniques for teens to follow, like mindfulness in different areas of life, CBT-based tools, and many more techniques which can help anyone lead stress and anxiety-free life.

Anxiety Relief

Take in the good by Gina Biegel.

The book is illustrated b Breanna Chambers, depicting a journal with art prints, exercise, and other writing prompts to help teen readers take in the good. It also has methods on how teens can retain positive aspects in the brain and increase their confidence in a stressful world.

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