Book reading Tips: Plowing through a long book

If you’ve seen your long and big books sitting on your shelves for a long time now, you need some help opening them and reading them. We have all come across the time when we look at the books staring at us while we feel guilty and scroll through social media.

If you face this feeling, now is the time to bid goodbye because, in this article, we will tell you how to finally stop procrastinating and get through the lengthy book you’ve been waiting to discover.

Knowing your interests

One of the key aspects of buying a long book is first knowing which genre you would love to read and whether or not you’ll read the book. There are always chances that you will not enjoy a book while reading it. Hence, before buying the book, gain insights into the storyline, author, language used, etc.

Put your phone aside.

Imagine a situation where you buy a book you would love to read but safely store it on your shelf. Wouldn’t it be unfair to you and the book? To finish such a long book, you must read at least ten pages daily. One way is to put your phone aside and pick up the book. Scrolling on social media is one of the main reasons for procrastination. By placing your phone aside, you can give the attention the book demands.

Start with short books.

If you’re a novice reader, it is best to start with short stories or books which you can finish quickly. Doing this will gather the confidence to complete an entire book, big or small.

Take one step at a time.

If you’re reading a book just to finish it, there is no point in reading it. Even though your goal is to complete a long book, it is best to take it slow. Reading a long book is like running a marathon, not a race! Generally, long books have a lot of information and fine details that can play with your thoughts. Therefore, it is best to read it slowly, understand the author’s intent, and get the best out of the masterpiece.


Explore audiobook

It is a challenging task to sit with a book all the time, irrespective of the environment we’re in. If you find it difficult to carry your book everywhere you go, switch to an audiobook. There are several options for choosing audiobooks from different vendors. You can listen to it while driving, sleeping, walking, and performing other activities, which will also aid in finishing the book sooner.

Don’t forget to enjoy

Go to a park, visit a coffee shop or even lie on your couch and enjoy the book. Try to understand the way the author is connecting with the audience.

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