How to Read Self-Help Books Effectively

The self-help genre is growing in the world of books. Not because people are attracted to the stories but because people are in dire need of knowledge to better their lives. Self-help books are a way of understanding how to lead an efficient life, which can illuminate some of the significant positive aspects, even followed by people like Nikola Tesla and Mark Zukerberg.

According to many authors and avid book readers, self-help books slightly deviate from the normal genre of writing; they’re mostly filled with a filler material which can sometimes put the readers into a deep sleep.

If you want to stay awake while reading a self-help book and gain some perspective, here are some tips you shouldn’t void.

Picking the book

Do you pick a book because someone recommends it, or do you find it on a ‘must read’ list? Or do you pick a book because the genre actually excites you?

If you cannot answer either of the questions, we have another question – ‘Will the book help you?’

Before choosing a, self help book ask yourself this question and if your answer is yes, then blindly buy the book. If not, find something that matches your personality and a book that resonates with you.

Table on contents

You will have a successful buy if you can apply at least one or two concepts in real life and change your perspective for good! To achieve this, go through the table of contents and what the book talks about. It can help you save time and completely understand the book’s structure. You don’t have to finish the entire book. You have to read the part which interests you and gives you a perspective!

Picking the book

Set a timer and read

By now, you know the book’s structure, the contents, and the helpful chapters! Once you’re aware of these factors, it’s time to start reading finally. Unless you create a goal to finish reading in a particular duration, you will never complete the book. If you spare one hour a day, keep it aside only for reading this book by staying away from distractions. Keep your cell phone aside, which is one of the major distractions while reading.

Make points

This only applies to books of knowledge or self-help. One of the primary reasons is that some phrases and quotations can be helpful when put into practice in daily life. To gain maximum benefits, either make points when you read or highlight the necessary lines and make a note of them once you finish reading.

Talk about it

If you read a book and close it for good, there are chances that you might forget it! So you need to talk about it and explain it to your family and friends to prevent this from happening.

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