Things That Only True Book Lovers Will Understand

You Don’t know why So Many People Don’t Read:

As an avid book reader, you don’t understand why more people don’t revel in this pleasure. The pleasure of being cosy, snuggled in sheets with a book and a cup of hot coffee, is something that you only seem to understand. You keep recommending and buying new books to your friends and family, but they don’t seem to share the excitement. It immediately puts you off when you meet people who say they don’t read. You wanna inspire them to read, but they don’t seem to care.

Prefer Books

You Prefer Books to People:

Whatever the day may be, you prefer reading books to spending time with people. The solitude, the peace, and the quiet you experience while reading a book are something others will never understand. When you read a book, you don’t actually listen to people talking to you but nod away and then become confused as to why they bought you snacks a little later. When people get in between you and your book, that’s when you draw the line.

You want to Read fast but Not Finish it:

Only a true book lover will understand this terrible feeling. You want to read your book and know the story right away, but still take time to read every word slowly, so it sinks into your heart. You don’t understand why there is so much buzz around Speed Reading, yet you want to learn Speed Reading so you can get to read as many books as you can. You want to finish the book, but you also know you don’t want to because you will miss this awesome book terribly.

You Don’t Want Your Books to be Borrowed:

Every book lover can agree to this. You want others to experience the joy of reading, but you don’t want them to borrow your books. Book lovers take great care of their books, especially hard copies. They don’t care much about their digital copies. But each and every one of their physical books is precious, therefore shouldn’t be creased or drawn on. If a book lover actually lets you borrow a book, you should be honoured.

You don’t have Enough Time to Read:

One of the biggest frustrations of being an avid reader is that you don’t seem to have enough time in the day to read a book. Even if you read all day long, it is still not enough. You dream of the time when you can actually stop worrying about everything else in life and concentrate peacefully on a book. One of the biggest dreams of a book lover is to own a library, just like in the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’. You swoon over every pretty library in the world and wish you could spend all your life in one.

avid reader

Not Enough Translated Books Available:

One of the biggest frustrations of any book lover is not getting enough translated books. Reading books is your favourite pastime activity, and sometimes, you just can’t get enough. You can’t wait for a translation, so you think about taking matters into your own hand. You contemplate learning more languages just so you can try to read some of the books in the original language they were published in.

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