Top 5 Greatest Books of All Times

Literacy writers, critics, avid readers, and even beginners often hunt for books that make it to the ‘top 10’ list. Generally, novels and books are judged based on their tone of writing, the language, the level of captivity, and the social impact on the readers. So, if you fall into any category and are looking for a top book for your next read, we have suggested some in this article. So you can take a look and enjoy them for your next read.

Anna Karenina

This book covers juicy topics like gambling, adultery, marriage, Russian feudalism, and many more, which places the book at the peak of the greatest novels of all time. It was written and published in 1878 by Leo Tolstoy and talked about a tragic character who is a disenchanted housewife Anna who runs off with her lover. The book is a revolutionary piece for that generation that depicts a woman’s prejudices and social hardships that she faced while trying to lead a happy and successful life.

The Great Gatsby

It is one of the best books to introduce to students to help them develop critical reading skills. The author F. Scott Fitzgerald talks about a young man named Nick Carraway who recently moved to New York and was befriended by his rich neighbor Jay Gatsby.

To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird

The author, Harper Lee, was the most influential writer of the time and published this novel in 1960, after which it became an immediate classic amongst all literary readers. The book centers around a young girl named Jean Louise, highlighting the critical aspects of racism in the American South. As the story proceeds, it talks about how the girl changed people’s perspectives in the United States. The book also won the prestigious Pulitzer Prize and became an award-winning film in 1962.

One Hundred Years of Solitude

Gabriel Garcia Marquez published this great work in 1967 and talked about the seven generations of the Buendia family. The genre is unique and explores the world of magic realism, which emphasizes the commonplace things of magical things in the world. The author also relates American and Latin cultures by showing the power of myth and folktale.

A Passage to India

E.M. Forster wrote this book after taking many trips to India throughout his early life. It was published in 1922, and the novel mainly revolves around a Muslim Indian doctor and his relationship with Cyril Fielding, an English professor. The book discusses the relationship between Indians and the Colonial British community, centering around their affair. The book also explores the possibility of friendship between the two nations, despite their cultural differences and other tensions. This book also describes the beauty of India, its landscapes, and other aspects that attract lakhs of tourists annually.

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